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Q: I didn't get my download links, now what do I do?

A: We want your shopping experience at TKO Scraps to be a enjoyable one. Should you not receive your download links for whatever reason, Please try the following:

1. Log into your account.
2. Click on "My Account" in the upper left hand corner of the shop.
3. Click on the view all orders link in the center right of the page.
4. Click on the invoice for the date of your order and your download links should be there.



Each of our designers should have their own Terms of Use within each file you download.
Please adhere to each designers TOU when using their products.

TKO Scraps has a zero tolerance policy for file sharing of any of our digital products.
Anyone found to be sharing our digital products or using illegally gained digital products will have their account banned from accessing TKO SCRAPS.



Our Privacy Policy is very simple and straightforward.
We will not, under any circumstances whatsoever, give out or sell your information (including name and email address)



Because we offer digital products for download only, TKO SCRAPS reserves the right to temporary suspend any account we find suspicious ( Such as a large order or numerous orders within a short time span) without notice for the term of 48 Days. This protects YOU the consumer from fraudulent activity on your paypal account as well as the designers here at TKO SCRAPS.  



As of 5/19/2010 E-checks are no longer accepted at TKO SCRAPS.



Paypal Reversals will not be tolerated and constitute internet fraud. No only will you be banned from shopping at TKO Scraps, ALL information obtained from these purchases we be forwarded to the proper authorities. 



How to file a Copyright Violation with TKO Scraps.

In order for you to file a copyright claim, this is what is needed:

• A written formal complaint, from the copyright holder.
• Images which clearly illustrate the infringement.
• Any and all information that helps to backup your claim.

• Anything said in an Instant Message (IM)
• Gossip or hearsay.
• Anything said in an open public forum.

We must have the violation in writing from the copyright holder. This means that you cannot file a claim saying that *someone's* copyrights have been violated. If *someone* feels their rights were infringed on, THEY must contact us in writing, informing us of the violation.

When filing a claim for your copy written work, you must give us the images which shows us that a violation occurred and by whom. This is done for a very important reasons:

• To discourage bogus and/or frivolous claims.
• To provide a written record to prevent claims of slander and libel, and to prevent the store from incurring legal liability from either party.
• To give the accused and the accuser a way of protecting their rights.

We all know how precious a designer's reputation is in this business. We are all also designers here, and we understand the value of our copy written work. TKO Scraps will NEVER lightly undertake a copyright investigation, and we will certainly never ignore a valid copyright claim.
We are here to protect your rights, and our own.

Being copyright conscious is in all of our best interests. We assure you that any and all claims will be dealt with privately between the owners and the involved parties.

We will deal with whatever you write and tell us in a private professional way, but again, we MUST have it in writing.

Any other action taken will be at the discretion of the TKO Scraps Staff and will be based upon the situation at hand. We will take whatever steps are necessary to try to make all parties satisfied.

Do understand that all claims will be handled in a private, professional and polite way.

Please note that ALL product descriptions are the sole responsibility of and written exclusively by each individual designer, if you see a product that is supposed to include copyright notices, credits etc, please have the original copyright holder contact us and we will let the designer know what needs to be changed and ensure the necessary changes are made.

If you feel you have a valid claim send PLEASE your information to us by using our
Contact Us form.

Thank you for your time and support. TKO Scraps reserves the right to alter and/or update these pages at any time.


Should you have any further questions please also use the Contact Us form. 

Thank You and Happy Scrapping!
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